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Abundant Life Christ Centered Ministries, Remnant Reformed Church, Inc. was established by the dynamic founder, Elder Joel C. Lofton on August 11, 2002.  Elder Lofton loves to uplift, encourage, and help lead others to a personal relationship with Christ. The mission of the ministry is to provide a strong foundation where people are Restored, Repaired and United with God.  The vision of Elder Lofton is to reach out to men and women that have been rejected by society, to help them to come to know God is a greater way.  It is his belief that God is using these souls to reform the church of Jesus Christ, according to Joel 8:32. “And it shall come to past that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: … as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call”. The first church service was held at the Holiday Inn located in Englewood, Ohio.

On January 5, 2003, the Lord blessed us to move into a new location in Trotwood, Ohio at the Gil Mart Mall, which we promptly named the Upper Room.  This was the year of first events at our church.  Shani Grissom was the first soul to receive the Holy Spirit. It was at this location Gabrielle and Isaac Moore were united in Holy Matrimony. Other first events took place such as the first baby blessing of Issac & Gabrielle Moore’s daughter, Kennedy A. Moore. Our first guest speaker was Pastor Randy Quesada from Los Angeles, California who preached a powerful message entitled, “Blank Spots.

On September 7, 2003, we held our first Church Anniversary and Pastoral Dedication at the Dayton Convention Center.  The legacy and mantle of ministry of his father, the late Elder Andrew Lee Lofton was passed to Elder Joel C. Lofton.  The dedication of his ministry was performed by Bishop William Harris, Bishop Jerome Chambers and the late Minister Todd A. Bell. The mother of Elder Lofton, Dr. Gwendolyn Lofton, honorably bestowed upon him the robe and blessings of his father.  Mother Bessie Kirksey and his Godmother, Arneta Kirksey, presented him with a ring that represented the eternal love of God and his covenant with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There were several family members, life-long friends, special guests and church leaders in attendance including Pastor Randy Quesada, Psalmist Shirley Murdock, Psalmist Peggy Lacy, Evangelist Kimberly Hall and Evangelist Sara Barbour, Elder Brian Hamilton, Elder Samuel Hampton and Elder Tyrone Kaiser.

On March 3, 2004, the Lord blessed us again and we moved to our new location at 201 West Martindale Drive in Union, Ohio.  We give thanks to Brother Jonathan Lofton, who was instrumental in our moving to our new location. We celebrated the blessing of a new place of worship by hosting a Family and Friends Day on March 14.  During this year Elder Lofton’s Godmother Arneta Kirksey joined him in full ministry as a prayer warrior and prayer intercessor covering for his ministry.

In March of 2005, we held our First Women’s Conference. The late Pastor Tina Duncan Landers   was one of our guest speakers. Also in attendance were four other wonderful Women of God; Apostle Shelia Morrow, Dr. Gwendolyn Lofton, Evangelist Kim Hall and Psalmist Peggy Lacy who brought forth a message of purpose, hope and destiny to every woman present. We hosted our First Remnant Arts Celebration.  We opened a summer day camp to help the youth in our community with educational, cultural and spiritual development.  The camp was very successful. During that same year we began participating in the City of Union Annual Toll Festival.

In 2006, we began our monthly Power Night.  Elder Lofton understands the importance of youth and young adult development in the church.  He strongly believes in supporting them. Being a man of action he was instrumental in forming the Remnant Soldiers; a dance group which consists of the youth and young adults in our church. On Easter that year, the Remnant Soldiers debuted and gave an outstanding demonstration of Hip-Hop Praise. In June, The Lord chose to call Brother William Bonner home. This was the first Home going service for the Abundant Life Family.

In 2007-2008 our Pastor, Elder Lofton wrote the vision and made it plain.  He announced to the church that this will be the year of “Excellence Without Excuses”.  Our leaders and ministerial alliance were taught and empowered to go forth in ministry.  Elder Lofton gave the assignment to provide mini-conferences within their ministries.  We are continuing even now with many activities that Elder Lofton had the foresight to begin early on in the ministry.


2009, was a year of introspection and reflection as God began a mighty work at Abundant Life. We successfully completed our participation in the City of Union Annual Road Festival at its conclusion in 2009. Elder Lofton was led to start Life Groups.  They met at various locations every two weeks.  They continued with different themes as led by Elder Lofton.

In 2010, we began with a “Clinic” where members could come and Refresh themselves in God, renew their relationship with God and re-dedicate their lives to carrying out the vision of God in “Excellence Without Excuses!” In the same year, the Lord saw fit to call our church “Fix It Man”; the eldest brother of Elder Lofton, Terrance A. Lofton, from our midst.  The beautiful Homegoing service was held at Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church.  Elder Joel Lofton officiated the service.  The message of our Pastor still rings in our hearts; “Where are the Nine?” It was a very memorable service.

In 2011, growth and elevation took place in the Ministerial Alliance. Four Elders were ordained and others consecrated in various positions. This was a very solemn and anointed service. Throughout the year Elder Lofton was called to evangelize in many other venues of the kingdom for the edifying of the Body of Christ.  It was the Lord that carried the Saints through the refining of the ministry for the year 2011, a year of new things!

In 2012, we celebrated our 10yr Anniversary. We received proclamations from President Obama, the Mayor and city officials of Union, Englewood, and Dayton, Ohio of which Gary Bazell declared September 15, 2012, Abundant Life Day in the city of Dayton. We gave praise for the recognition from the cities in which we reside.  Our gala, which was held at the Dayton Convention Center  included guest such as Bishop Carolyn Showell, Pastor Randy Quesada, Bishop Ronald Logan, and International Recording Artist Vickie Winans.

God sent Pastor Lofton and Abundant Life a “Prophet to the Nations” in the person of Bishop Leonard Lupiya from the United Kingdom, London England. He said, God has declared Pastor Lofton and Abundant Life will be an INTERNATIONAL house! Within 6 months, international ministry spring forth as Elder Lofton and 13 members travelled to the United Kingdom as well as Paris, France. God used Elder Lofton like never before and this was only the beginning.

February 2013, our 11th year, the Lord spoke to Elder Lofton and instructed him to burn the mortgage at 201 W. Martindale Rd. The church banded together as one man and in August 2013 we burned our mortgage with a glorious celebration. All glory be to God!

In 2014, Elder Lofton divinely connected to Apostle Robin and Lady Rose John of South Africa who guided him through ministry in Africa, South Africa, The United Kingdom, and other countries. Our church continued to work together with much training, teaching, and prayer as God was preparing us for greater days ahead.

In 2015, The Lord inspired Elder Lofton to birth Remnant Churches International, Inc. He was consecrated to Overseer by the Honorable Bishop Carolyn Showell of Baltimore, Maryland. Five Pastors from various states stood with him. The Lord also begin to deal with him concerning relocating the ministry closer in the city to be able to assist in various community activities as well as more accessibility for the membership.

In 2016, we leased a building on Salem Avenue and affectionately named it the RCI building, where we began to have Word Enrichment. However, this venture was short-lived and another door was immediately opened to our present location at 4769 Free Pike, Trotwood, Ohio.  In February, we were blessed to be able to go in and remodel the church from top to bottom. The beauty of God’s house is still being made known throughout the land. As it was spoken from Haggai 2:1-9. Truly the remnant of this house has been both able to witness and to partake of a greater glory and grace in this house. We had our first service in April 24, 2017.

November 6, 2017, Overseer Joel C. Lofton and our finance committee once again astonished the bank with the final payment for our church. The church celebrated on that final Sunday when we raised the last amount of monies we needed to pay the mortgage in full.

So today on December 3, 2017, don’t mind our praise, our worship, and our tears of joy as God has caused us once again to triumph over many barriers and the trying of our faith.

To Be Continued…………….

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